Monday, June 13, 2011

The Oak Leaf Commission

An interesting project has come up for my weekend painting. My friend, Kendra, wants to put a "logo" on some stationery and brochures, etc. for her nature and forestry center. She knows she wants oak leaves and acorns. She knows it has to be a simple image. My first image is a classic watercolor. It might work for some of her needs and probably not for all.

This image is almost the same but stylized and inked. Simpler.

This image is shown on a light I am changing the image to simple black and white ink line drawing. I did two of these simple ink even more simple than this one. Just in case.

Last I did add a negative image. Just in case she might find that an interesting option.
More to follow and I'll let you know if any of these worked for her. I think she is thinking tee-shirt or maybe cap logo and she probably has some printing that will go along with it. I am sure she plans to reduce the size way down.

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