Saturday, June 11, 2011

John Lovett's Workshop Day 5

On Friday we worked on several ideas...John took our questions and suggestions and tried some different genres of paintings to show how his technique transfers to those subjects.

This is my painting (1/8 of a sheet of Arches 140 cold press). We masked off the birches with tape before we started and then effort was made (as always) to identify an area for the center of interest. John's loose technique of drips and splashes using his "ugly brush" were used.

The technique of misting off some areas (vignettes) of the painting with "veils of gouache" still was used and also I added some gouache mixed with watercolor to sprinkle in light greens and reds to add some color into the underbrush and "infer" plant growth with leaves.

I used acrylic burnt sienna permanent ink with a plain old fashioned nib pen and then sprayed lightly with water to help the ink bleed slightly. Some marks in lighter colors were made with white charcoal and pastel pencils.

I asked John to demo making tiny people (1-2" high) to place in paintings. Here are the samples he did for us.

All 17 of the participants had a good experience and it was fun to meet folks from all over the country! I came home exhausted which is a good sign. I have unpacked into my studio again and hope to get in to do some painting this weekend.

One of my "quotes" from John indicates that he feels a good painting should have "subtle confusion" in it. In other words...some mystery for the viewer to unveil for themselves. Lots of things to remember as you paint.

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