Saturday, December 7, 2013


Le Pen (water soluble pen), watercolor on multi-media paper 4 x 4"

This is a tiny little 15 minute sketch.  I am finishing up on my "own" assignments for my watercolor, ink, sketching class.  They meet again on Monday morning here at our Hawthorne Park Fine Arts.  We have a great group of 17 folks!  I assigned the 6 little sketches over the two weeks between was to sketch and paint your phone.  

The challenge (for me) as to mix an interesting black, to infer some reflections, and to think keep the little "continuous ink sketch" simple and "wonky".  Wonky=askew.  Love those words.  Some of the class has challenged themselves to try to do a small sketch a day...not lifting the pen from the paper.  It is a lesson in really "seeing" what you are drawing and helping you to focus.  This is not "blind contour" drawing which is another exercise. 

I picked up some "le pens" at a stamping store up north before I left.  They are SLIGHTLY soluble.  In other words they bleed a little bit.  I don't mind that too much.  You can get them on line here for $4 each.

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  1. how is a continuous sketch different from blind contour...does it mean you can look down at what you are drawing but can't lift your pen?