Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Courage Cards

Winter's Glory Card
Sharon Feathers' watercolor artwork of a brilliant winter sky 
creates a captivating image on this holiday card. 
The addition of a fine silver foil border adds an elegant finish to the art.

My new artist friend, Sharon Feathers, painted the card image above for Courage Cards.  

The money to purchase these cards goes to help children with disabilities.   You can read about Courage Cards here.  Being selected (or juried in) to the Courage Cards artists is an amazing honor.  I am so proud of Sharon!  Consider this idea yourself another year or pass this idea on to other artists and consider purchasing some cards for a worthy cause. 

And you can go directly to Sharon's card here.

Sharon Feathers, Ringle, WI. Sharon's interest in art developed after her professional career as a teacher. Retirement has since given her the time to pursue her interest in art, and her travels have given her the opportunities to take beautiful photographs which she uses as reference for her paintings. Sharon believes art is a personal statement about how we perceive the world. It is a point of view. It is a statement of what we want to convey to others. That means being in the moment of your surroundings. She says, "I am always looking for that found moment to capture." Sharon has received many awards and honors for her art and her work can be found in many galleries and exhibits. 

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