Monday, December 16, 2013

Tiles in tones

Jetties, Lampion, Ciceron, Mak-nah-mee

Staining your white tiles in various ways gives them a sort of an antique look.  You can do it with instant coffee or some strong teas will do it.  This is a combination of burnt sienna and quin Gold watercolor loosely applied and let completely dry.  

All the tangles are in burnt sienna ink, or brown ink, graphite, white jellyroll pen and white charcoal pencil. No black ink on this one (although the dark brown ink looks black in this scan).

Coolish day in central FL..we only got to about 60.
Lots of nice sunshine.  But we will add about 5 degrees each day up to the weekend.  So have 85 in the forecast!  Yippee.  

20 and snowing in Chicago area where we have a lot of relatives!  But it does look Christmassy!  

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