Saturday, December 21, 2013

First Ensemble completed's done.  The first 9 tiles for the first Ensemble.
I'll be waiting awhile to do the second nine!  Hahaha.
the last tile (#9) is Panthe plus Inapod, Holly, St. John's Cross, Nekton, Fiore

I have now put together a 4-tile string ensemble for my own Zentangle Reunion on January 10.  A little less intimidating and time consuming than a nine tile.

I have done a string and made multiple copies of it on the copy machine.  Folks who want to participate can just trace the string on to their 4 tiles and bring it back to me on February 3 when Fine Arts has their regular monthly meeting.    

Now I am beginning to search for subject matter for some Yupo/watercolor paintings to get myself primed for the February class I am teaching (if enough sign up).  After the holidays I will get things out and make plans, decide what needs to be ordered, and watch my James George DVDs again.  He always gets me in the mood!


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