Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Zendala: reluctantly stepping into a new format

4.5" Zendala

I thought I'd start the New Year with something "new" to me.  Zendala is a Zentangle in the round.  This one came pre-printed from as a challenge from Jo-Ellen Matthews who is coordinating the Retreat to Paradise in April.  

Being an art rebel by nature (hahaha) I pretty much ignored the teensy little shapes printed on it and combined them into larger shapes that more fit what I like to do.  All the tangle patterns are repeated somewhere on the tile but I did not attempt to make the Zendala balance in any way other than that.  

I know Margaret Bremner is going to teach more about Zendalas at the retreat in April so I am open to her ideas.  I decided to leave the center blank in a more "wreath-like" Zendala...I thought it was so busy that the eye needed a rest somewhere.  It is quite possible that more repetitive Zendalas are more restful to the eye.  But there is something in my personality that resists too much repetition.  

I enjoyed doing this and I know that it's quite easy to make your own Zendalas.  And I also know that the circular shapes have a historical significance (see mandalas).  So this is an area that I will explore as time goes on.   

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  1. Ginny, I have always loved Mandala's and love what you have done with this Zendala...especially the two cord shapes which surround the center and pull the eye to the center. Unlike you, I have always been a very "balanced" person (Libra, lol), so repetition has always been a big part of my compositions. I am very symmetrical! Boring! Huh? Enjoy the rain - a good time to create inside or read a good book. I love rainy days! (just not too many!)



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