Friday, January 24, 2014

What's an Ensemble?

Here's a 4 tile ensemble that is being done as a challenge by my "Zentangle Reunion" group here at Hawthorne Park in FL.  You can buy pre-strung ensembles from but you can also just make your own.  I decided on 4 rather than 9 as we are a small group and it's our first try at this.  

My handout has a black line drawing of the string that you have to trace on to your tiles yourself with a pencil.  Number the backs 1-4 and put your name and your tangle names on the back and bring back to the group to be re-assembled...but this time with 4 different tiles not your own.  Voila.  A whole new ensemble!  I encourage folks to take a photo of their own ensemble before they turn it in at the group meeting for shuffling.  

Our deadline is Feb 3 so I have to keep tangling.  You'll see I tried Maria's new Aquafleur tangle in #2. It's so beautiful and the possibilities are limitless which makes it a terrific tangle!  


  1. I like how you worked the aquafluer into the second tile and I love the idea of the 4 tile so very pretty

  2. This looks like a fun project. I will have to mention it to my group. I like your Aquafleur but I am more amazed at the Annee. It really just pops!

  3. How fun to do a small group! I will have to try this myself! Nice work!

    1. See that you were at Artzona too! I also dabble on that ATC site! :) Looks like a good time was had by all!

  4. An essemble is great to do, I did two (8 pieces) with my friend and the results are amazing. Your Aquafleur is very pretty.

  5. I like your Aquafleur. I really like the way it seems to be nested in the other pattern. The Zingers work well with it, too. Lovely.

  6. Great idea! Your aquafleur looks lovely :)



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