Friday, January 31, 2014

Rainy Day fun

Hand made stamps.   

The blue was a mono print on deli paper and then with turquoise paint I printed the circles on top.  

These are hand made Washi Tapes.  Made with handmade stamps.

I have always been fascinated by print making.
How it will fit into my artistic life, I am not sure...probably more useful to me in journaling.

But as I thought about making stamps of my own I found lots of support for that online and in books.
I had never heard of Washi Tapes until I started browsing the world of YouTube instruction. 

The tape is paper tape (3M product) found in the dollar store in the first aid section.  I followed the online instructions for laying it out on a non-stick surface (like a plastic placemat) and then just had fun painting them with inexpensive craft acrylics.  When the base coat tried I used my stamps and thinned acrylics to stamp lots of designs and I used my stencils and also stencils on designs.  

When they are dry you can roll them on a thick drinking straw and save them.  They don't really have a lot of stick em on the back so they can be re-positioned as you want.  You just cut them off and stick them anywhere you want some color and design.  Total nonsense.  

Most of the handmade stamps are made from pony tail rubber holders, rubber bands, and paper clips.  The little rolling pin was a dowel that my friend, Cynthia's husband, made and on it is self stick foam you get out in designs and get at Walmart or dollar stores.  The little pink thing at the bottom of the first photo is a pencil eraser which mades a great little circle stamp.  

Rainy day fun.  It poured almost all day!  
It's not looking good now for tomorrow's outdoor art fair in Mt. Dora.  250,000 people normally attend that.  What a shame.  

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  1. You just have too much fun by yourself! While I'm not really into stamping, I can see how these ideas could be used in some of my watercolors. Thanks for sharing!



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