Sunday, January 5, 2014

Getting A Day Ahead

Zentangle A Day Calendar: One day ahead....
Knowing I'll be gone all day tomorrow, I went ahead and tangled Jan 6 with a very simple pattern.  Figured better to get ahead than lag behind.  

We've had a glorious reprieve here in Central FL and the predicted rain for today has shifted off and it is 80 and sunny.  Wow.  Does THAT feel good again.

It will be somewhat short-lived as we will get another chill down come Tuesday with temps  dropping Tuesday night close to freezing...but another roller coaster ride back up to 80 by Saturday!  Kind of hard to know what to put on each morning!  

I am totally sympathetic to all of you in sub-zero weather right is so frigid in the midwest and New England that it's downright scary!  When the real temps are like -30 that is polar bear weather not human weather.  I hope everyone can stay safe and warm in this next round of weather!  

1 comment:

  1. I love the sixth day, but I think it would have been neat as the first day! A look ahead at the black hole that is the new year! love your blog



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