Saturday, January 4, 2014

Limitless possibilities

Carol Ohl's Zentangle A Day Calendar with fill in's for tangles each day.
For one thing...ya NEVER forget what day it is doing this tangle project!!!

My friend, Mary, wrote that she thought this was an "ambitious" goal to tangle the calendar every day.  

Well, "remembering" to tangle every day is the only hard part.  The actual drawing part is just fun and simple and creative and a nice "warm up" for the day.  I pointed out to her that with 400+ tangles to chose from and triple or quadruple that number if you consider "re-mixes" and creative changes to them all...there is no end to possibilities.  

Well, happiness is not having to GO anywhere on Saturday.  Yippee...I hardly know where to start.  Guess I should get my baking done first as I am hosting coffee hour at church tomorrow.  Then...the possibilities are limitless.  Lucky me.  I am paying attention.

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