Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gelli Plate mono print cards

It takes awhile to get the hang of how little paint it actually takes to coat the gelli plate to get a good print.  I have taken to masking off places...especially now that I am trying out note cards.  Michaels had their card stock on sale half price this week and so I bought 50 cards and envelopes.  

I do the masking with pieces of wax paper.  
If you google Gelli Plate you will find about 50 or so videos of all kinds of tutorials...some better than others on how to do a whole lot of things.  The card idea is actually my idea but I am sure that people have collaged cards and printed on cards galore...I just haven't hit on that yet.  One gal mono prints her mailing envelopes before she sends them out to folks.  That is cool.  

I have discovered that the inexpensive craft acrylic paint actually works better on this (69 cents each).  You get a wide variety of colors and the consistency is has to stay wet long enough for you to emboss the paint in various ways.  I guess you can add "retarder" to your acrylics to keep them fluid longer but that seems an unnecessary expense!  

Now I am trying to find a good cheap source for deli paper.  I want at least 8.5 x 11 size and I'd rather not get it folded.  If anyone has a source.  Let me know.

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