Friday, January 10, 2014

Calendar Tangles

9: Verve, Jetties, Crescent Moon  10: Telis, Shard, Coil, Scraper. 11: Ciceron

I taught a Zentangle 102 (Reunion) class today...I think we had about 14 people there.  Great group...lots of sharing. We talked about Organization, Support, Challenges, Resources, and then I taught 4 or 5 tangles and Sheila taught one too.  People shared ZIAs and there were some wonderful projects!!!  We think we'll meet again in March.  Some people are going to try joining in a 4 square ensemble.  

I am a day ahead on my calendar because I have a busy Saturday.  And I have not even had my new Gelli mono print plate out yet!  Blah.  

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