Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Wheelz, Yew-Dee/Well

You sure do notice the days "flying by" when you do a calendar book!  

Wheelz is a neat fairly new tangle just out on Linda Farmer's blog site.  I do think it's been around on the CZT circuit because I have seen it before.  It's really quite nice.  Here it is combined with a "re-mix" called Yew-Dee/Well.  Fast becoming a favorite and shared by Carole Ohl.  

I am also the proud owner of a new Gelli (gel-printing plate).  And last night was up into the wee hours looking at how-to videos.  WHAT fun.  Messy, but fun.  I can tell I am going to need a new brayer...mine is so small.  I'll post some more about this in the coming days...just to wet your appetite.  

We are experiencing Florida record setting cold today...I awoke to 35 degrees. But sunny and clear.  Whew.  But it should only last two days and we'll be back in the 70s by Thursday and 80s for the weekend.  Crazy.
Sure hope the midwest warms up a bit too so folks can at least get out and the enjoy the winter sports!

I used to take my kindergarten kids out about 30 minutes BEFORE regular recess after a heavy new snowfall. The playground was pristine! 
Being in a new snowfall with 15 five year olds is so much fun.  We would "step in each other's footprints" so as not to mar the snow too much and go out into the middle of the large playground and make a big fox and goose chase game.  Such laughter and falling into the snow and screaming with delight.  Snow angels would follow and looking for animal footprints.  If it was still snowing I brought out squares of black velvet and magnifying glasses to catch and look at snowflakes.  Then the big kids would come out and build slides and forts.  But all this had to be in 15-20 above zero or warmer weather, of course.  

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