Thursday, January 16, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

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Gelli Plate prints

Most of the Gelli plate prints are 8.5 x 11.  (Someone asked the size of my plate...I guess it's 8 x 10.)

The prints are just on copy paper (although I have used Deli paper and too and this is thanks to friend Cynthia.   I now have a plethora of that!)  Oh yum.  I find that the third print-over on the paper is the best.  And with each layer you need to mask and reveal the one underneath. The gold acrylic paint is fantastic.  Love it.  

Also discovering the clean-up process with this acrylic print-making is somewhat time consuming and tedious but you HAVE to do it or your roller will disintegrate and your stampers will get clogged up.
AND the gelli plate itself needs to be wiped off, dried and returned to it's little plastic suitcase.  

Throw away stuff for print making is the easiest-- like bubble wrap or combs that just wipe off.  I also made some of my own stamps with hot glue on freezer paper.  Also fun foam stamps work REALLY well on this.  I hope to make some more of those in Cynthia's media class on the 21st.  

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