Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Zentangle calendar

Puzzled, Tri-Lines, Gewgle, Jessicup. Striping, Cadent, Kunstler

I know I am a day behind...should be posting 28 but I'll get at it later today.  I have had company for the last 4 days!

I tried a continuous string this time going through all 3 days but then I tangled only one day at a time.  It was fun and I only had to come up with one or two new tangles every day.  Kinda nice.

We'll be 80 in central Florida today but then a HUGE drop tomorrow.  Must be one of those arctic vortexes  again up north?  Then a quick catch up and in mid-80s by next weekend again.  This is excellent since the huge Mt. Dora Art festival takes place next weekend and they expect 250,000 people.  I kid you not.  Hopefully that is over the two days and not all on one day!  Hahaha.  They do shuttle buses in for parking, of course.  

Thinking about taking a local calligraphy one day workshop in March.  Have a good week!  

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  1. Hi Ginny...I like your continuous string...this calendar is so interesting. At least you have had some respite from the cold weather - we had 13 degrees below zero when we got up this a.m. - the house keeps cracking and creaking - it is very unnerving. It is supposed to be getting a little warmer tomorrow, but then more snow over the weekend! Wow! What a long winter this has been. Your calligraphy class sounds very interesting. I do some calligraphy - strictly 'barb' style - I never took classes. I used to letter the certificates for my principal when I was teaching. It was a nice way to make some extra money - 25 cents each - but there were a lot. Maybe that is why my hands hurt so much today.
    Enjoy the great weather!



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