Friday, January 24, 2014

Modernist Museum in Mt. Dora, FL

Showcased in the exhibition is Wendell Castle's largest and most famous work to date: A New Environment, an installation of stack-laminated pieces spanning two stories.

Of course I didn't get to meet Wendell Castle but here he is pictured by his most famous recent work in Mt. Dora.  It's an amazing little museum and so well appointed with individual listening devices and a short movie.  Just amazing.  $7 for seniors and well worth a visit if you are in this area!!!  

3 other friends and I visited this museum on Thursday.  We had a wonderful time and spent hours there enjoying furniture as art and art as functional.  

Incidentally, the installation behind Mr. Castle is a staircase to a "pod" where a person could climb inside and find an quiet secret spot for reading or napping.  We weren't allowed to climb in, of course, but I could imagine it.  Lamps, tables, and amazing amazing clocks.  There is a second artist featured as well (Wharton).  Both are amazing.  

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