Friday, January 3, 2014

"The flaky layers of pastry that make up the years of a person's life."

Ink Sketches in 8.5 x 12 multi media Sketchbook

I poured myself a cup of International Coffee this afternoon and picked up Danny Gregory's An Illustrated Life.  Nothing like going through that to wet my appetite for sketching and drawing again.

I did the little sketch on the left in our yard about 3 weeks ago while we had our dacquaires out on the swing one afternoon and watched the birds at the funny little "tin can bird feeder" that Greg has put up on a pole (squirrel proof).  Both of these sketches are "mostly" continuous line ink sketches.

The one on the right I did this afternoon curled up on the Florida room on an exceptionally chilly central FL day (48 degrees) but sunny most of the day.  And I sketched Greg's new telescope (that Santa brought him).  Over on the right side (out of view) it says "beginning 2014 by looking at the stars".  

A note from Danny, "I just draw the things around me that count.  It may be my toothbrush, my dogs asleep in the sunshine or the corner Korean deli.  Mundane stuff that I used to pass blithely by every day until I stopped to notice what my life was made up of, the blessings I need to count to give myself meaning."  

..."you feel the accumulation of time, the flaky layers of pastry that make up the years of a person's life, enriched by living in the moment instead of doing sudoku, contemplating the world as it passes..."

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