Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zentangle Calendar for January 12

12: Boo-Kee, Walp, Jalousie (the color is Sakura Metallic purple ink)

When I add color to a Zentangle I like to to be subtle. Just a touch here or there.  I am sure, with doing 365 of these, that I may get more into some color as the months go along, just for variety.  

My time, as you can see, gets stretched with doing other art projects (like my Gelli mono prints) and with Downton Abby's second program of the season coming on in 15 minutes,  I have to quit early tonight. 

70 and sunny in central Florida today.  Looks like a pretty nice week...almost 80 tomorrow but then another roller coaster down with a high of 55 on Thursday.  Typical January weather in this part of Florida.   

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