Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ensemble: five tiles out of nine

Working on Tile #5 out of 9 tiles for Ensemble.
Tile 3 tangles: Knot Rickz, Cubine, Schway, Tipple, Blips, Knightsbridge
Tiles 4 tangles: Yew Dee, Oakling, Strawn, Shard, Vortex, Kee-nees
Tile 5 tangles: Palrevo, Golven, Jetties, Betweed, Tipples, Laces + ?

Boy these are really addictive.  
I am also realizing, of course, that it makes no sense to "carry on" a tangle from one tile to another because in the end, they will all be mixed up and placed on someone else's ensemble.  

If I were doing this for myself, I'd be tempted to carry the tangle on over into the next tile.  
I am also staying pretty much within the "border" this time.

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