Saturday, December 21, 2013

Drawing the first ensemble to the close...

Tiles are numbered 1-9 beginning on the top left corner going left to right.
Tangles for 1-5 are already posted in previous posts.
Tile 6: IX, Opus, Fife, Chemystery, Chard, Rain
Tile 7: Elven, Footlites, Fishnet, Verve
Tile 8 (unfinished): Auraknot, Hollibaugh, Brabs + ?

Pretty busy.  But as I said, this will all "come apart" to be distributed to other people and I will get back other tiles they have tangled.  So what is important is that the strings are followed.  You can see the string lines follow from tile to tile.  

I think a tile is more "effective" if one of the spaces in the tile in larger than the others.  Gives it a "center of interest".  In tile 6, they are almost all the same size.  So I think it is the most challenging.  There you have to more aware of "values" of dark and light.  

I could possible see that if you were a Zentangle Club and met could do these up in a challenging way...perhaps offering up things like adding a color for a theme.  Everyone add a little red to each tangle (as an example).  Or ALL the tiles could be lightly glazed with watercolor before the start?  Other?  

These will get turned in to Jo-Ellen in early April.  So I will put the 2nd ensemble away for a later fun.  

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