Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Starting an Ensemble

Borbz, Hurry, Bales, W2, Rain, Striping, Crescent Moon, Paradox, Birdie Feet

These are the first 6 tiles of a 9 tile ensemble.  I have completed two of the 9 so far but I wanted you to see how they fit together after they are completed.  

This is a project for the Retreat to Paradise Zentangle group that will be meeting in early April here in Florida.  Obviously we wanted plenty of time to complete this especially since there are TWO ensembles which means 18 tiles.  

What happens then is we bring the two completed  ensembles to the retreat and the leader combines them so that we get back a whole "new" ensemble which will fit together since we all had the same "strings" to work with from the start!  Then she mails them back to us after the retreat!  How cool is that.  
We put our names and tangle names on the back and also the # of the tile in the ensemble.  This is #1 and #2.  

You can do this on your own or purchase a package of tiles with strings on them.  Very fun group project.

1 comment:

  1. A great start! I must know a different Borbz tangle as I don't see one I recognize. Is that the eyeball-y one?



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