Saturday, December 15, 2018

Demo watercolor for the last beginner wc class.

The challenge for my last session of "beginning watercolor" workshops on Tuesday is to help students with minimal supplies actually paint a real painting.  Up to now it's been small little "studies" teaching the concepts.  Tuesday they will have "real" watercolor paper...a quarter sheet of Arches 140 cold press.  

But they only have one #10 round brush and a very limited little palette.  (although they have Daniel Smith paints).  I wanted to have a subject that would not take a lot of drawing time and one where they could use some of the textures and techniques we have been using.  I wanted them to use a sponge, a screen spatter, shadows, masking, scraping, wet on wet and wet on dry, color mixing, etc etc.  That is asking a lot of one painting!  

So this is my demo painting which I will paint again on Tuesday for them.  We only have about 3 hours and we won't get done...but I am sending them a copy of this painting to help them finish at home after the class.   This was tricky with all the limitations.   

I hope they will have fun with it.  And not get too frustrated.  It's hard to "paint along" with someone. I plan to demo in two segments...drawing, masking, taping, and background.  Then go on to the second part.  And everyone works at a different pace!  
Wish me luck!  

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