Wednesday, December 26, 2018

My first posted video...

A Sketch of our amazing chocolate mint cake topped
with Mint chocolate Candies

I have tried here to give you a link to my tiny video showing my purse accordion sketchbook.  Hope it works.  

The last few entries in the book have finished off one side of the accordion book...and now I start on the second side of the pages.

Christmas has come and gone but will linger I think throughout the week (or as Greg says through the 12 days of Christmas here).  
We will have 80s this week although may get some rain toward the weekend.  Hoping I may get to the pool tomorrow.  It's been quite awhile since it's been warm enough for that.  

We still have some company to come on Friday and a nice evening planned for New Year's Eve.  Today was Greg's birthday.  He postponed his traditional pecan pie to Friday when his daughter arrives so he can share it.

Hope all my blog friends had a good Christmas.  

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