Monday, December 24, 2018

Little Beads on the Necklace of Time

These are 4 tiny tiny sketches in my accordion book that I keep in my purse.  Just following the time line of the pre-holiday in focus.
Little "snippets" of things happening that are like little beads on a necklace of time.  None of them more than 15 minutes.  

The first is a train car from the Villages Christmas model train show...

The second is a composite of two drawings...the first during last Sunday's sermon about Forgiveness...the drum set to the left of the altar.

And below, the wine bar at Ruby Tuesdays were we went for lunch after services.  

And some of the lovely things set out at the holiday party with friends on Wednesday, orange slices, blackberries and cookies.  

And 3 tiny sketches...the window from the Clubhouse at the Plantation Model train show against the dark rainy sky, the oboe player at the Christmas band concert, and then the altar at church two Sundays ago.  

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