Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sketching Collections

Groupings of things are an interesting idea for a sketch journal. 
Think of all groups you could possibly come up with from shells, or leaves, or flowers, or buttons, or favorite pens or even old abandoned sofas (someone I know has a collection of photos of those!!!).  In my case due to the holiday I chose favorite ornaments on my tree.  My sketch group is using holiday sketches for a challenge and I thought this might work!  

Every ornament has a story attached to it.  I'll bet you have those kinds too!!  Lots of nostalgia drawing these.  Remembering the countries I visited, the people who made them for me, or emotional stories associated with them.  I like that now, no matter what might happen to them in the future, I have a record of them.  

This is an 8 x 12 journal by Moleskin.  Mostly my Lamy Safari fountain pen and watercolors.  

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