Wednesday, October 9, 2013

En plein air in the north more time this season!

5.5 x 8" sketchbook, watercolor

Having an autumn day in the north woods warm enough to sit outside and paint (Oct 9) is AMAZING.
I cannot remember when that has happened.  The gift has not gone unappreciated!  

This is Greg's little garage up the road a bit from the cabin.  We had just come back from our walk...shuffling through the piles of crisp leaves now.  More falling like dazzling confetti.  

Chipmunks scurry about and nuthatches and chickadees at our feeder are storing seeds somewhere for another day.  We got up to 72 today!
We might get one more day and then it starts to drop back down to normal..which is about 45.  
But we'll be happy to just get one more!  

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  1. Dear Ginny - such a lovely subject sketched beautifully. You are so right this October has been amazing. I can't remember when we have been this far into fall without a killing frost. I am still getting squash and zucchini from the garden - wow - taking note of this fact. Take care and as always thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week-end.