Friday, October 4, 2013

Zentangle Unzipped

Fife, Rain, Cadent, Zinga, Confettus, Black Pearl, Laces

The more Zentangle blogs I read, the more variety of people I find that enjoy this meditation and artistic fun.  Today my own challenge to myself was to use a creative string AND to find ways to "make the points end creatively" each in a different way.  I think it sort of looks like the tangle is "unzipped", don't you?

I love that people comment now and then...I have some loyal followers. (Yes Roberta I am talking about you!!!) Some day soon I plan to do what others have done and offer a give-away for a comment.  You know, like the Diva?  Every now and then she will say, I have this book to give away or this painting or this game or this stamp or whatever.  If you comment on her post within so many days she will put you in the drawing for it!  Very cool.  

I once won a gorgeous rubber stamp that came all the way from Australia.  I looked it up and it cost $20 American dollars!  Wow.  The gal owned her own stamping company.  It's my FAVORITE stamp.  
It stamps out 6 postage stamps and you can then fill them in as you like.  I use it ALL the time.  I am sure I have anything to raffle off that anyone would want!  But I'll keep my eyes open!  

When I started to do Zentangle two years ago...there were about 4 how-to books to choose from.  I went to Amazon the other day to look up something and found over 30 online now!!!!  One book is only about shading!  Just shows you how this has grown and spread!  And yes, I am thinking about taking a CZT class next year. (Certified Zentangle Teacher).  More on that later.  

Back to's time to "make the southward trek" to our dear Florida abode.  6 days and counting.  


  1. Congrats! You are so good about constantly updating, and I love your zentangles! Have a great winter in Florida - safe trip.

  2. Its amazing how Zetangle has taken off in the last few years