Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yupo Painting from Sept 18th class

Watercolor on Yupo by Leslie Johnson
There is nothing more pleasing to a teacher than to have his/her students carry on and complete some paintings in the style or medium or technique that you shared with them!

Here is Leslie Johnson's completed Yupo painting after the Watercolor and Yupo class on September 18th.  Her choice of the simple shapes of bottles is absolutely charming and really gives her the chance to play with enriching the surface of her painting.  It also gives the illusion that the glass is either art glass OR there is something intriguing inside the bottle!  

She has a wonderful combination of colors that show case the bright colors that appear on this plastic surface...very rich. And because of the richness she really features the fascinating texture possibilities. 

Great job, Leslie and I hope you will spray this with a couple of light coats of acrylic clear mat spray.  Although Cheap Joe advertises in his catalog that some Yupo art is framed without glass...I am very reluctant to do that myself.  I do frame watercolor on canvas that has been sprayed without glass. So I am sure that is possible.  I'd probably suggest like 5 coats of spray in that case.  

Love this painting, Leslie.  Thanks for sharing.   

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