Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"More is Less"

Koryl, Oakling, Knightsbridge, Static, Crescent Moon, Framz, Rounding, C-bun, Sugar Cane, Tipple, Funf

Well, we all know that "less is more".  And I go by that idea.  So when "more is less" then you know I got totally too carried away.  I couldn't stop.  Hahaha.  And it shows.  I am most fond of elegant simplicity.  This tile is NOT in that category!    

I think it show that I am in some anxiety right now and need to just tangle to Zen-off some of that.  It starts with Framz and then gets carried away from that point on.  I kept saying "well what if..." and then I was off again.  This is a 3.5" tile.  It might have worked better in a larger format.  

I did experiment with some tangle patterns like "Static" and "Funf" that I haven't used in a long while.  I am glad I did leave a few blank black spaces to rest the eye a little bit. 

Having gorgeous 72 degree autumn weather in the north woods of Wisconsin.  Wow.  Sometimes it is snowing by now! Lucky us!   

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