Saturday, October 26, 2013

Organizing Zentangles

I am always looking for interesting ways to "organize" tangles.  Someone on line (and I have to go back and find out who it was) suggested this idea.  Inexpensive and really pretty cool. has a fascinating website with a lot of very interesting stuff (including lots of pens, of course).  You can go directly to the word cards page here.

The 100 little word cards on a ring only are $3.85 each.  (Orders over $25 ship free.)  You can buy all kinds of pens on this site and get to $25 rather quickly.  OR buy some of these card rings for friends?

The card stock is nice and thick enough I can put a tangle on each side with no bleed through. So 200 of your favorites ones!  And I think it will be a nice way to carry your tangles in a mobile way.  Slip into a small zip lock bag with pens, tiles and pencil and stump and away you go.  

I like that the little cards are big enough you can put step outs on them (as I demonstrated) if you wish.  Or you can put several "variations" of a tangle on one card as well.  My thought is to put all the tangles in this alphabetically as well...these are all "C" tangles by the way.  

If you are coming to my Zentangle workshop on November 7 at the Leesburg Florida Center for the Arts (9:30 to 12:30) I am giving two away free in a drawing!  

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  1. I've just ordered four! One for me and three to sell or give-away as you're doing. This will be an easy way to travel with tangles and step-outs. Thanks. :)