Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sparkles for Sunday

Brabs, Organza, Exis, plus mystery tangle from Carole
This was a sort of "morning meditation" as well as a try out with the new mystery tangle from Carole (scroll down to yesterday for info on that).  I wanted to see what it looked like in reverse.  It is not nearly as effective but still is "interesting" enough to make me smile.  

Brabs always looks a little like sturdy blocks of some sort and I wanted to try out Exis in the "sparkly" way that it was shown on Linda Farmer's blog.  Sparkles always nice white on black.  

The rain is finally ending in the north woods.  I feel guilty whining about weather when you look out west and see blizzards!!!  OMgosh.  And then in the Gulf they are battling another hurricane.  Here I am whining about a few days of nice quiet steady rain.  Very good for our lake and the water table.  Shame on me.  But I am happy to see predictions for sunshine now for the rest of the week.  Although our color up here is past peak is still enough to be very pretty.  And the roads and forest floor are carpeted with yellow.  Very pretty.  

Have a good Sunday everyone!  

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