Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hanging It Up

A beautiful tangle (a gift from Carole Ohl)
Sometimes you see a tangle pattern and it just resonates with you.  This was one.  I found it on Carole Ohl's blog.  As far as I can see she did not give it a name.  So I have emailed her to ask her what she calls it or where she found it.  

I had all kinds of ideas about how to do a much more complicated string for this one, but then after I was done with this part,  I realized that the tangle pattern itself was so pleasant to look at that it really did not need anything else to go with it.  So I just "hung it up" for now.  :-)

Zentangle is keeping me sane these last few days while I am packing to return to the south.  AND it is raining raining raining here today.  But we have some sunny days ahead next not to worry.
It is napping sort of day so I'll probably sneak a short one this afternoon.  


  1. I love how you have it hanging from a line. Pretty!

  2. Appropriate to have it hanging from a line. Does remind me of a blanket or quilt.

  3. That is awesome!! I love how it looks like a well loved quilt.

  4. Wonderful idea! It reminds me of blanket or quilt, too!

  5. Lovely. I really love some of the tangles by Carole Ohl because they have some surprising and original way of drawing them.