Tuesday, February 12, 2019

February Life in Florida

I was planning on going out to Discovery Gardens in Tavares to join the sketch group this morning.  But life had other plans.  Greg is still recovering from acute bronchitis and I just didn't want to be that far away in case he needed me.  SO...I sent out to the back yard and walked next door to neighbor Pete.  He has a pleasant well-kept garden with lots of little bits and pieces about the yard.  The temps were very pleasant (80) and the clouds skidded by leaving me with mostly sunshine.  

So I got two little sketches in before lunch!  That was relaxing.  And Greg was napping.  I do think he is slowly improving.  Not coughing as much now.  Sleeping a bit better.  But SO grumpy!  


I decided to add two little bits to my "life in general" collection.  Yesterday I added Greg's inhaler.  And today I see our camellias are blooming.  Such opulent blossoms!  I decided to bring one inside to enjoy.  And I received the little carry-all kit for art supplies and decided to see what will fit into it.  Then sketched it full of brushes and pens, etc.  I think it will do quite nicely.  I am constantly revising how I carry things!  

Looks like we may get a bit of rain this evening here in central Florida.  We've had the AC on most of the day.  The pollen is back...as the azaleas are blooming...it's early spring here.  The strawberries are coming in at the grocery now.  Nice week ahead with temps up to 85.  

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