Thursday, February 21, 2019

Sketching for Centering

These are two pages from my Stillman & Birns Beta series 5 x 7 notebook with my usual two favorite pens. They are really snapshots of the last two days.  Above a relaxing evening with Deb and Mac on their screen porch...I sketched a bit of their new landscaping that just got put in that afternoon.  Cardboard Palms?
That is interesting.  

On the same page the next day (I didn't date it yet) I was in the doctor's office with Greg at our primary doctor this afternoon...trying to see if we are doing what we should be doing for his acute bronchitis which is now 18 days old...this is the 4th doctor appointment.  I drew the fire extinguisher just to keep sane.  Wait Wait Wait.  But this one didn't take too long.  More meds and a chest x-ray followed.  

So then this evening a lovely little dinner at our church to thank some of the many volunteers.  A shrimp boil (I just drew one shrimp but actually ate many!).  Potatoes, corn and a side salad.
A really nice dinner.  With a gift bag of chocolates.  People are so sweet.  

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