Monday, February 4, 2019

Making Ordinary Days Memorable

It's hard to explain "littles".  Tiny fragments of days in the recent past that have something about them I want to remember.  

Something I've tasted, heard, watched, done, laughed over, wept over, worried about, rejoiced other words bits and pieces of normal days.  

Remembering "moments" in my days.  The lovely Belgian waffle after church one Sunday, the Steampunk festival in Mt. Dora, the amazing Osprey on the branch outside our window, the 24 hour rain storm in Florida, etc etc etc.  

I don't draw them every day...just when the mood strikes and the idea comes to me.  The message to me is that the ordinary delights of the days often slip me by...the smell of my favorite cologne or the comfort of my favorite pillow or the Tufted Titmouse on the feeder.  

These are 2" squares.  I've posted some of this before.  But after I finished it, I decided to start another one.  

In another journal I remark on the Hawthorne concert last Sunday.

And about the interesting set up for the art demo up in Summerfield.

And here is my granddaughter and GREAT granddaughter reading the book I drew for them...remember the alphabet book?  Violet Virginia is will be 7 months old on Feb 12.  

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