Saturday, February 9, 2019

Georgia On My Mind

If your eyes are sharp you'll see the date on this is June 2018.  And that is when I did the center watercolor sketch...on location in Milledgeville, GA.  And it was 100+ that day.  THAT was nuts.
I about passed out.  Greg went and took refuge in a nearby visitor's center that had AC.  THAT was smart.

So I painted this very fast...45 minutes tops. Then off to get water to drink and cool off.  You can pass out at those temps.  But we just happened to get there around noon and I could have just photographed it, right?  I so so wanted to sketch in person.  Anyway to make a short story long, I did what you see and then we took off.  Heading north for the long journey to Wisconsin for the summer.

Today (Feb 9) I am flipping through this sketchbook and come upon the sketch.  Just lying there in the middle of the page. Tsk tsk.  So it'a a cool cloudy FL Sat afternoon.  Hubby is watching the races on TV and I am futzing around in the studio.  

So I took about an hour to decide and complete the "composition".  I know it's really not necessary to get quite as detailed as I did. But I have some really wonderful tutors in this area...friend Susan of course, and then sketchers like Jan LaFazio and and Leslie Fehling and Brenda Swenson.  So, it's an example of how you can "finish off" a sketch (if you so choose) and at least for me, it gives me pleasure to see the sketch in a nicer setting.  

Isn't just amazing how a drawing or on-location sketch can bring to back to the moment in time.  Photos just cannot do that.  I can smell the heat off the sidewalk, hear the tour guide telling his group that the bus has AC (they were skeptical as it was a very old bus) and then the smell of some flower wafting around from near by.  June in Georgia...Georgia on my mind.  

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