Friday, February 8, 2019

Life Happens

I am playing around, as you know if you've been following me, with different layouts and formats for sketches.  This two-page spread is done in my Stillman-Birns notebook with my Lamy Safari Pen and carbon ink.  Print in Noodler's brown ink. 

The point of this sketch...other than just fun...was to practice eye hand line work (no pencil) and trying to establish relationships in size and perspective (by eye).  Obviously this lends to a wonky drawing.  😳. But it is good practice.
I played with the light/shadow a bit.  Proportion is off a bit but all in all it was a satisfying sketch..right in my own drive way in the shade of a fig palm tree.  (It was 80 today!). below is my "ordinary day" popping up again.  My practice for just noticing the little bits of my life that are needing  more attention. And paying attention is the name of the game.  You'll see I've chosen to call this page "life in general" which is sort of the same thing.  Also note that Greg has been sick.  Bad sore throat and ears and a cough.  We ended up in urgent care yesterday and he's on antibiotics now.  We had to cancel our trip to the beach today.  Much sadness over this as we were to have a shore lunch at Daytona Beach with Greg's daughters.  Sigh.  Life happens.

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