Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Second Hand Rose Tea and Fashion Show.

Just a few sketches at the darling little fashion show put on here at my park this afternoon.  Lovely tea pastries and a great turn out.
They had models with 2nd hand clothes from local thrift shops and darling door prizes, and cute decorations.  Very well done.  Lots of folks wore funny hats with price tags attached.  I wasn't up for it as I am fighting a cold and somehow I just could not get crazy with get up and a hat..even though I love hats! 

But I am glad I went and the hot tea was good for me!  Don't know about the pastry, but everything was handmade and tasty.  

The event was 12:30 to 3.  And I still have time to curl up for a nap.
Not too much busyness this week so I'll have time to take it easy, drink my apple cider vinegar (3 TB per glass) and keep warm and cozy.  We had a high of 55 which is 15 degrees below normal and not anything to whine about.  

But I am concerned about everyone up north in the midwest today who is battling the arctic vortex. Windchills like -50 degrees!  Schools are closed and several states have declared emergencies.  
I can't imagine what homeless people do. I hope churches are opening their doors.  And I know there are power outages which are affecting my daughter in Warrenville, IL.
I pray hard that everyone will be okay.  

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