Monday, January 21, 2019

The Luck of the Draw

So this is really fascinating stuff.  When my eldest daughter was recently diagnosed with genetic hemochromatosis (say that 3 times fast), it became apparent that I might be involved.  Duh.  

So all this revolves around iron on the blood...too much for her.
So I was tested and came out normal.  So I must be a "carrier" for the condition.  Today came a visit to my hematologist to find out more about it.  More testing.  

But it appears that I have generously passed on this gift in her DNA.  AND to double her luck, she got a gene from her dad.  Two genes and you don't pass go and collect $200.  Poor kid is having blood drawn every week for ages and ages to get her iron level back down close to normal.  So.  It is treatable and she found it in good time to avoid some complications that too much iron can have!  I am getting off free on this one!  

Apparently the condition comes from one's ancestors living in Northern Europe.  And yup...that's where they came from...Denmark, Norway and Sweden.  It's all pretty fascinating.
But am sorry that my daughter is having to go through this!!!
(They are testing me for Factor 5 Leiden too which is something the kids also have.) This is a clotting disorder that comes from Northern Europe.) Crossing my fingers this is negative for me. 

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