Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn Hues in the North Woods of WI

It was a magical weather day Tuesday…72 and bright sun and cloudless sky (TOTALLY unusual here) and I'll bet we are at 75-85% of color.  Greg and I just drove out into the country past cranberry farms, the displays of pumpkins and myriads of sparkling blue lakes rimmed in dazzle and reflecting the same color up.  Mile after mile of wildly colored forest not broken by any houses…just a town popping up now and then: St. Germain, Eagle River, Three Lakes, Hazelhurst.  And after awhile I began to think all the leaves had been "photoshopped".  The reds were unbelievably red.  Alizarin red…not just scarlet lake but deep crimson maples against bright Indian yellow aspens and birch. Gold against wild oranges and lemon-lime and dark green pines.  It made you dizzy. I've been here over 25 years and I don't think I've EVER seen the hues this intensely beautiful.  

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  1. Your picture is nice, and your drive sounds truly enjoyable. I had mentioned to my daughter the other day that there has been an abundance of butterflies all year here and we seem to have a lot of grasshoppers this fall. Maybe this is just a good nature year.