Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Zentangle Calendar Updates

Did you notice that 28,29,30 are all tangles that start with the letter "g"?  Just kinda something fun.  

I have been keeping up with my daily Zentangle calendar just not posting about it for awhile.  Over the holiday weekend when Verizon usage in the north woods peaks, I cannot use my hotspot (Mifi) much.  The competition for data space is too great.  My data speeds (which I check regularly) roller coaster up and down at those times.

Example:  On Sat (the peak usage day for a holiday) my speed fell to 25 kbps.  It is almost impossible to send or receive anything at that speed. In fact I was amazed I could get on line to even check it at that speed.  This morning it was up to 784 kbps.  Still not very fast in terms of normal data speeds but FAR better.  At least I can get online, post on my blog, see pictures on my Facebook, etc.  I still could not watch a video or anything…but I save those to watch on my iPad when I go to the library or stop at McDonalds for coffee.   I do miss my cable connection in Florida sometimes!  But when you live in a remote forest you are lucky to be connected at all!  

I am pretty much all ready to pack up the car this afternoon for my Beginner Zentangle Class in Manitowish Waters tomorrow morning.  I have 18 signed up for that class.  I expect a few no-shows but even so, THAT is a way too big class.  Wish me luck on that one.  I will try to remember to take some photos to share.  

You can see by my sidebar that I have added several other classes now to the list and the local Stamping and Scrapbook store is going to host me on the 17th of September.  This will be my first time in that kind of venue.  But the new owner is very optimistic and a real go-getter and she plans to serve lunch as part of the charge of the class!  Now THAT is a first for me!  How fun.  And I've added a beginner class on Oct 8th in Lake Geneva, WI which is my old "stamping ground" for many many years.  We will be on our way south by that time but will spend 4-5 days in that area.  

The outdoor painters up here want to have one more paint out next Thursday but now RAIN is forecast for that day.  Still it is so up and down and the forecasts are so unreliable up here that there is no reason to get too gloomy about that yet.  Although our time here is drawing to a close this month, I really cannot get my mind around that yet.  I have so many things I want to do yet.  I haven't even started painting my Christmas card yet (something I always do up here in September!)  I am considering a Zentangle Christmas this year.  

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  1. I so wish I could join you in Lake Geneva............Hugs, Paulette