Thursday, September 18, 2014

Diva Challenge for this Week

Well, it's a "two-fer" when you do the calendar AND the challenge at the same time.  Phicops/Diva Dance this week.  

I have found the Zentangle A Day Calendar has it's own Facebook page.  Took me from Jan to September to find it.  Duh.

Anyway Carole (the author and artist) says the 2015 one is at the printer now.  More info on that later.

Gray and 50 today…not like the weather man predicted.  Darn.
Greg is busy finishing up his painting of the bedroom walls and then we are really just about fully done with the remodel.  It took ALL summer however.  Sigh.


  1. This page is beautiful, I like the colors.

  2. I really love Joust - I don't remember seeing this one before.
    Enjoy the colors, even though the weather is less than admirable - I am so sorry it is so cold. I have two close friends who took off yesterday for Boulder Junction to see our dear friend, Charlyne Perrine. Charlyne is trying to sell her house on the lake - I think the winter last year just about did her in. Hope everything goes well with your preparations.

  3. Love the way that you hung it off the number!