Saturday, September 20, 2014

Using Brown and Black in Zentangle

I think this is one of my favorite calendar pages, so far.  I like that it is "tied together" with Zander but still has it's own tangle per day.  I enjoy the brown and black pens together.  

I've been working on setting up my Renaissance Tile Advanced workshop for October 10 (in case it actually is a "go") and so the brown pens were out.  I am focusing on advanced tangles, use of the brown pen with white charcoal highlights, more detailed ideas about how to organize your tangles, and an elaborate lesson on shading.  It's really quite different when you don't have to go through all the basic information!  Although I will review "the ceremony" of Zentangle again.  I should know by Oct 1 if this is going to go or not.  

Autumn continues to rush forward in the north woods and the color is amazing!  Unfortunately rain predicted today!  

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