Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good Zentangle Promotion

The following is the email "shout out" for my next class to be held in Lake Geneva, WI on October 8th.  The workshop chairman of the Lake Geneva Art Foundation is obviously very talented as this is a great piece of advertising!  I was very impressed. 

This organization is dear to my heart as it is with this group that I took my very first watercolor lessons back in 1999.  Thank you Paulette!  And also to Nancy who continued on the lessons in later years.  It is really fun to be back again and doing some teaching of my own there.  

So between now and then I have help close down our north woods cabin and start packing up everything we'll need in FL.  Sigh.  The countdown is 20 days.  The autumn forests here are just now turning amazing colors…it just took my breath away driving back from town this morning.  I hesitate to try to take photos because they never do the colors  justice.  Suffice to say I missed my turn off because I was looking at the leaves and I drove on 3 miles before I realized it!  


  1. Many happy hours of WC were shared. wish I was back in LG to enjoy your class. Many hugs, Paulette

  2. What wonderful promotion - she is a very talented person. I was impressed at how well your students did in the class - in fact all the classes you have been holding. You are doing a great job and just going "gangbusters!"