Friday, September 5, 2014

Renaissance Tile Demo

I have worked on this on and off for a few days.  I did the Renaissance part on "kraft" brown paper as I wanted to see how I was going "demo" how to do these tangles.  Kraft paper was recommended at training.  I used a brown identi-pen, graphite and white charcoal as well.  Then I decided I needed a way to display them so I could show students the options.  I glued them onto a small display board (WalMart $2) with Yes Glue and then waited overnight.   Then somehow I got started tangling in between them and couldn't stop!  Hahaha.  

Well, it's a very cold and rainy day in the north woods and hubby is into a building project hammering away in the cabin so my nice quiet studio seemed like the best place to be!!!  

I painted the back side with black gesso and will use it to display white on black tangles for another class.  

I'd like to put my tangles aside now for a few days and maybe actually get into my wc and acrylics for awhile.  The time for my art will fly by now as September is already on it's merry way!

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