Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Zentangle Calendar in the COLD north woods

Catch up again…a lot going on.  
The 7th I tangled on a page from an old phone book…don't know if that shows up very well.  I used a #3 pen instead of a #1 so it would be a bit darker.  And on #9 I used a new version of Cadent that I really like.  It is sort of a re-mix of Cadent with Fiore.  

Weather here in the north woods of WI is REALLY disappointing now.  High of 40 today with 40mph winds almost all day…rain just slashing down on the cabin…dark skies and white caps on the lake.

Wow…I am dreaming of Florida big time now!!! 
Greg built a nice cozy fire in the fire place and I am making popcorn and hot cocoa.  We will "go with the flow" for today.  

Okay so now I am two days ahead!  Yippee.  
Off to fix the popcorn and find my book to snuggle by the fire.


  1. These are very nice. I'm in KS and we are supposed to be having a turn in our weather also. Only our night times are expected to drop into the 40's, 60' s during the day.

  2. I like all of your calendar posts. I'm on day eight with my Carole Ohl tangle-a-day. You're way ahead of me LOL !

  3. This fire and good book sounds like a nice thing to do on a cold day. Your Zentangle calendar is looking good. Have a great week-end.