Saturday, September 13, 2014

Zentangle® Calendar and Chit Chat

Don't know about all my blogger friends…but September does seem to be RUSHING forward rather fast.  Seeing the "13" on my computer dock when I opened it up this morning stunned me!  OMGosh!  Already? How can I be surprised when I am doing this Zentangle calendar???  I mean it's right there in black and white!
Guess I am "in denial".  I saw someone do Moonglow pens on black the other day with B'dylan and I just had to try it too.  They are really very "glow-ie" on black!  

The BRISK midwest weather here in northern WI is giving us all a dose of early autumn and I can see that we are NOT the only ones experiencing a very early dip in temps.  We had snow flurries in our forecast last night.  I kid you not.  And Mary Gayle (just 5 miles away from me) said she saw them!!!  OH no!  You don't want to get me started on "weather whining" this soon!  Sunny skies for awhile now and temps in mid 50s.  But I am getting out my wool sweaters.  We have had a lot of cozy fires in our fireplace this week!  That is actually quite nice.  We had homemade soup and biscuits by the fire for supper last night as the temps plummeted down!  

I am busy prepping for my Rhinelander beginner Zentangle class now on Monday…have 12 signed up and it is the first class really that I can remember out of tons of classes I have done that I do not know a single person in the class. They are all there due to advertising and marketing. 

I am going to take a poll and find out which of my strategies got them there.  I did posters in two places in Rhinelander, an interview for the newspaper, blog advertising, and ArtStart gallery put me on their FB page on on their "shout out" information e-letters.  One gal is driving over an hour and taking off a day of work for this workshop!  Wow.  I'll report back on which of these was the most productive.  

The CZTs discuss how to market their classes on their exclusive FB page.  It's really interesting to see all the different strategies.  Word of mouth is still the best way but sometimes you hit an area that no one has any idea what Zentangle is…a Zentangle desert. (hahaha) and so no one even knows WHAT you are talking about. 
Rhinelander is sort of like that.  I feel like a pioneer!  Hahaha.

Have a good weekend and stay warm.  

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