Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beginner Zentangle Class Wins RAVE reviews

I have to brag on my Rhinelander, WI beginner's class Monday.
WHAT a super job they did and I really gave them a workout!

I trashed all my usual beginner tangles as I was really getting bored with teaching them and I set out to do a combination of really more interesting ones.  The only thing I missed on this group of tangles was a "gridded" one.  So we did a gridded Bijou tile before they left. We used Maryhill for the tangle on that one.

I started with Rain and then moved to Wheelz and Tipple.  Then we did Btl Joos which included "laces" and a sparkle and great shading.  Last we did Hollibough and put Black Pearlz in the negative spaces.  Lots of interesting shading.  They did super great!  After a winter of practice tangles they will be ready for one of my advanced classes come next spring!!!

Great job gals!!!

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