Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Diva Challenge for this week.

Trio, Huggins, XYP

This the Diva Challenge for this week and it's a "trio" of tangles.  The more you put in the harder it gets for me!  And none of these tangles is easy for me.  All are concentration tangles.  

Nice day today.  I did spend part of it in a routine doctor visit which was all good, thank heavens.  So my prep is all finished now for the surgery on the 20th on my knee.  

So now I will just work on getting my new glasses and getting things ready here at the house…stocking up the fridge and getting things ready for Thanksgiving (at a friend's home).  And trying to finish up some art work.

I am sitting the fall art show at the public library on the 18th.  That's always fun.  Details on the side bar.

Out to lunch with friends tomorrow..we are trying a Cuban restaurant.  A first for Greg and me.  
Here's to a good week everyone.


  1. Very elegant. I love how the xyp-ribbon flows over your huggins and trio. And the way you extended trio looks great!

  2. Great tile! I love how Xyp seems to be hugging the other two tangles.

  3. I also love the way the XYP ribbon wraps the tangles.

  4. Ce XYP en ruban (banderole) est je trouve aussi une très bonne idée !

  5. I like your Xyp very much and the other tangles behind it are great.

  6. I love the way Trio tapers into something else. Great tile

  7. nice tile - I like how trio flows on the side and integrates into the tile

  8. Like how your Xyp like it wrapping up Huggins and Trio.

  9. Like you played with shadows/lines in the tile. Really interesting!



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